The Houston Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Group

The Houston Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Group is a group of people who are committed to listening to each other with open, caring hearts to form relationships and begin to understand each other's experiences. The group's first meeting was on September 11, 2005. The group has met monthly or bi-monthly since September 2005 in the homes of members and is unaffiliated with any other organization. It is a grass-roots effort facilitated by Sharon Joy, based upon the model of Libby and Len Traubman and the Jewish Palestinian Dialogue Group of San Mateo, CA.

Why Dialogue?
There are some things only governments can do, such as negotiating binding agreements. But there are some things that only citizens outside government can do, such as changing human relationships.
Dr. Harold Saunders, former U.S. Secretary of State, and negotiator of the Camp David Accords

Perhaps through this group we can begin to listen to each other, to share our stories, to form relationships. The foundation for peace is built by people who know each other.

For additional information about the Houston Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue Group and its current meeting schedule, please
contact Sharon Joy.

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Outreach Events
November 2008 A Call to Dialogue, Houston Texas

Over 80 community members attended this event, which featured special guests Libby and Len Traubman and Elias Botto of San Mateo, CA.

September 2009 Presentation at Kol HaLev's Rosh Hashanah Day Two
Sharon Joy and other Dialogue group members presented information about the group to the congregation of Kol Halev, a Houston Jewish Reconstructionist Havurah, at their second day Rosh Hashanah service.
"Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there"

.....Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)

July 2009 Israel/Palestine
During a trip to Israel/Palestine in July 2009, Sharon Joy participated in three formal Intercultural Dialogue experiences in association with the Interfaith Encounter Association. These were the Jerusalem Women's Group and Reut Sadaqa, also in Jerusalem. She attended a retreat at the Austrian Hospice in the Old City of Jerusalem that was sponsored by the Interfaith Encounter Association and the Palestine Peace Society of Hebron. The attendees from the retreat have continued to meet as a group, sustaining the action of dialogue and relationship-building.
Sharon Joy also attended a meeting of the intercultural council in Maghar village in the Galilee. She visited the Jerusalem Hand-In-Hand School and the Arava Institute for Environmental Sciences, both dedicated to bringing people together.

April 2009 Dialogue Facilitators Conference
Sharon Joy and Hanan Patel participated in a conference at Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey. Representatives from 14 dialogue groups in the United States, Canada, and Israel/Palestine came together to share about their groups and exchange ideas.
Retreat Participants, Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem, July 2009

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